About Il Posto

Strolling down the streets of Italy, a passerby sees places with charming décor, ambient lighting, and couples huddling close together. IL Posto simply means “the place” – a place full of wonderful memories waiting to be made. Dr. Rana Munna has traveled to and from Italy countless times since 1973. Her love for all things Italian inspired her to create IL Posto – a cozy piece of Italian life in the heart of North Macon.

IL Posto is a modern, charming event space conveniently located off North Forsyth Road in North Macon. This cozy space is approximately 650 square feet – perfect for different types of events. From intimate gatherings to professional business meetings, this non-smoking event room provides an ample amount of space to move about freely and comfortably; yet close-knit tables create a friendly atmosphere welcoming intimate conversation.

Five reasons why you should choose North Macon’s newest venue for your event needs are easy to remember.

Just think of our name: Posto!

Perfect Location
Overall Ambiance
Special Pricing Available
Top-Of-The-Line Technology
Outstanding Catering Selection

This spacious event space is perfect for wedding showers and receptions, parties, baby showers, corporate functions, pharmaceutical dinners, luncheons, cultural events, press conferences, family reunions, and more.

Our Approved Caterers


Natalia's Restaraunt was established by me, Natalia Del Basso Orsini, on 23 January 1984. It was a pure American dream come true. Since then, I have been dedicated to serving you, both in the restaurant and in your homes, with a level of class and style - a sparkling professionalism emancipated through culinary innovation.

Fountain Of Juice

This husband and wife team started Fountain of Juice in November 2007 as a small juice and smoothie bar attached to a fitness facility. They outgrew the space quickly! Natasha, daughter of fine dining matriarch, Natalia del Basso-Orsini, had food and flavor running through her veins. Carl, an artist with a flair for food, assisted in growing the business to the 'eatery' it has become.

Kudzu Catering

Kudzu Catering can handle any catering needs you may have. Started in 2007, Kudzu has built a reputation of flavorful food and professional service. We specialize in ceating unique menus with stylish presentations for each event.

Creekside Catering

At Creekside Caterers, we are focused on providing individualized services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we are sure you'll be happy working with us.